The Neuroendocrine Unit of the Massachusetts General Hospital conducts numerous research studies involving patients with a variety of pituitary abnormalities. A new study we are currently conducting is for patients diagnosed with acromegaly, a rare disease associated with elevated growth hormone levels from a growth hormone producing tumor in the pituitary gland. Current treatments for acromegaly include surgery to remove the growth hormone producing tumor, medical therapy and radiation treatment.

Current FDA-approved medical therapies for acromegaly are octreotide (Sandostatin) and pegvisomant (Somavert). Both medications are administered as injections. We are conducting a study designed to compare the effectiveness of these two FDA-approved medications, Sandostatin LAR (long-acting form) and Somavert, on symptoms of acromegaly. If you qualify for the study, you will be randomly assigned to receive Sandostatin LAR or Somavert for one year at no charge to you. Study visits will take place at Massachusetts General Hospital’s outpatient clinic approximately once a month. Reimbursement for transportation is provided.

If you have never been on any medication for acromegaly and are interested in hearing more about this study, please contact:

Karen Liebert, RN

Karen Szczesiul, RN