Fundraiser Success

Peg Oliveira was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor causing the disorder Acromegaly in January 2004. Now five months later she is preparing for her second neurosurgery. With the belief that no event is an interruption in life, but rather even seemingly difficult obstacles are opportunities for learning, Peg approaches this challenge with the heart and soul of a yogi, and hopes only to grow more awake and alive for having this healing experience.

To help others faced with the same disorder, Peg and a studio full of New Haven yogis joined on April 30th for a celebration of shared breath and yoga and to raise money for Pituitary Disorders Education and Support.

Peg, a yoga, pilates and group fitness teacher in the greater New Haven area, called upon her friends and students to come together on the yoga mat to offer their hearts full of compassion for her as she proceeds with treatment.

“A yoga class seemed like the most appropriate way to celebrate the healing that has begun for me, to gather strength from my community to carry me into the next phase of treatment, and to offer the opportunity to engage in a little good karma building,” said Peg. “The yoga mat is a place to come together, have fun, and make a difference both in the lives of the participating individuals, as well as in the lives of those their donations will touch.”

Nearly 50 yoga students participated on an exceptionally warm spring evening… filling the CT Yoga Center with the spirit of loving community. Novice and veteran yogi’s alike, side by side, offered their breath and sweat in a show of support for a fellow yogi faced with the challenges of Acromegaly, and for the work and mission of Pituitary Disorders Education and Support. The event raised $1500 as well as brought awareness to the community of the disorder, Acromegaly, and the help available through PDES.

“I wanted to say thank you, in my way, to the community that continues to share in my healing, as well as to PDES for their empathic care,” said Peg. “PDES has offered information and advice beyond the call of duty, that I’d not received from any other support groups I’d spoken with. I will be forever indebted to their angelic guidance, dropping into my life at the exact right moment.”