Patient Stories: A Patient’s Story …………. Adam

I am writing about my son Adam who is seventeen years old. Adam was fifteen when he first starting complaining about having headaches, and I noticed his sinuses seemed clogged alot.

I took him to his primary doctor,who was certain he had bad allergies. It would be unthinkable to even suggest in my mind for a moment that something else could be going on. Shortly after that, he started having trouble with his vision. It was a short process of elimination, before Adam had his MRI, and a large tumor was found in his pituitary gland.

A growth hormone secreting tumor. My older son, and my former husband are both very tall men. 6 ‘3 and 6 ‘4. I noticed that Adam’s hands were very large, his feet. I guess it could be considered unusual for a 15 yr. old to tower over most grown men. Adam had always been pretty active in sports, and in school. He loved to play basketball , but his condition Acromegaly was draining all his energy. Adam did have his tumor removed but is still dealing with the complications of residual disease.

I have learned to despise that word, disease, but I have also learned that there will be things that can and will touch are lives.These are the things that we have to put into Gods hands, and trust him to take care of. We have to count our blessings. There is some one out there, whos pain is more than they can bear. We all need to stop and take the time to care about others. I know these are the kind of things that will last, the things that really matter in life, that our kids will remember after we are gone.