Patient Stories: Hormone treatment has made my life worth living

Although reluctant, I will convey this in hopes that it may help someone like myself somewhere. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Kallmans syndrome, a serious pituitary deficiency, This was done by Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt and his associate Dr. Jungzk, whom I am forever indebted for their dedication in this field. When I went to them in Augusta, Ga. I was 5′ 1″ tall and weighed about 100lbs. I was sexually undeveloped and have been mentally depressed for quite some time. I can only say that I didn’t leave this world because of something God gave me.

After a week of many tests in Augusta University Hospital, Dr. Greenblatt told me he wished he could have seen me sooner but as things stood at present I would probably grow 8 or 9″ and put on quite a bit of weight. He put me on testosterone implants and over the next 4 yrs I began to grow in leaps and develop sexually (a God send). The emotional pain I dealt with as a teenage male was unbearable at times. I would grow in periods where one day my shoes were to small or my pants, like all of a sudden. This went on until I was about 24 and stopped. At this time I had reached 5′ 10″ and 170lbs.

Along the way my self-confidence increased dramatically, I had become a proficient guitarist and quite popular. Anyway as I told Dr. Greenblatt one day in his office, when he came to my exam room with Students who followed him quite frequently, He said “what is the main thing Hormone treatment has done for you” and I said “It made life worth living.” He was holding a file and said “I’ll make note of that and wrote it down. I suppose it moved him. He was quite a charismatic.

This started in about 1967 and I must say has been quite a journey, I am 57 yrs of age and hardly anyone guess’s I’m over 45 which is nice, But the main thing is research and Drs. who care about mankind and people in general, helped me have a fairly normal life in the physical and mental plane and I am indeed grateful. I presently live in Atlanta and still go to Augusta to see Dr. Don Gambrell who took over Dr. Greenblatt’s practice when he died. I hate that he is gone but once again I thank him for his decision to be a Doctor of Endocrinology. As I said, Hope this will be of Help.

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